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Calgary Vegan Menu with a Lebanese Twist!

Our Vegan Menu was built for the Calgary vegan community with love and compassion towards animals and our planet! Using fresh, local ingredients where possible. We also offer new products such as beyond meat, lightlife, and have built an exquisite menu featuring new favourites! Try the Beyond Meat Shawarma or Lightlife Kafta Platter and your taste buds will be eternally grateful! We are the first and one of the only vegan restaurants in Calgary that serves these Lebanese specialties with a fun Vegan twist.


Hand Crafted and Authentic Appetizers.

Vegan Kibbeh Balls

4 shells made of minced lightlife ground mixed with bulgur wheat, and spices.

Chao Cheeze Nachos

Chao Cheeze, Brown Gravy, Tomato, Onions, Crispy Jalapenos, Sliced Olives, Corn with a side of Sour Cream and Salsa
Add Beyond Meat Crumble $7.00

Root Veggie Fries

Turnips, Beets and Carrots

Sweet Potato Chips

Hand Sliced Crispy Sweet potato chips served with our homemade cashew tahini.

Cauliflower Wings

Deep fried breaded Cauliflower wings tossed in your choice of Sauce or Spices. Hot, Maple Hot, Lemon Garlic or Salt and Pepper


Authentic Homemade Chickpea dip served with naan bread. Garnished with olive oil, tomatoes, onions and parsley

Baba Ghanouj

Authentic Homemade Eggplant dip served with naan bread. Garnished with olive oil, tomatoes, onions and parsley

Thick-Cut Fries

Steak cut fries seasoned to perfection
Add Side Vegan Garlic Sauce $1.50

Falafel Snack

4 pieces of falafel covered with Tahini. Garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and parsley

Grape Vine Leaves

8 pieces of grape vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil and spices

Salads and Sweets

Authentic and tasty Mediterranean Salads and Sweets.



Parsley, tomatoes, onions, green onions, bulgur wheat, lemon juice, olive oil


Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onions, Green Pepper, Fried Pita Chips, Sumac Spice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Add Beyond Meat Crumble.. $7.00


Pistachio Lemon Cheesecake

Delicious vegan pistachio cheesecake.

Chocolate Decadence Cake

Delicious, Vegan and Organic chocolate decadence cake. Served Hot.

Between Breads

Authentic Wraps and Burgers served with a side of Fries.

Roasted Eggplant Wrap

Fried zuchini, eggplant and cauliflower wrapped in Saj pita bread. Add tomatoes, onions, pickles... $1.50

Falafel Wrap

Hand made fresh falafel balls using chickpeas, garlic, cilantro, falafel spices. Loaded with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles, turnips, jalapenos, parsley and tahini sauce, wrapped in fresh traditional Saj pita bread

Beyond Shawarma Wrap

Beyond meat crumble with shawarma spices. Loaded with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles, jalapeƱos, garlic sauce and tahini, wrapped in fresh traditional Saj pita bread

Lightlife Burger

Lightlife Plant-Based patty, served on a vegan brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, vegan mayo and ketchup

Vegan Kafta Wrap

2 skewers of Lightlife ground minced with parsley and onions, wrapped in Saj Pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sumac spice and a side of vegan tzatziki sauce

Artistic Plates

Our signature dishes authentically inspire from Lebanese, Mediterranean and Indian Cuisine with our own fusion twist.

Kafta Platter

Skewers of grilled Lightlife kafta servied with rice, hummus, naan bread, and vegan tzatziki sauce.

Lightlife Kabob Platter

Plant-based Lightlife Kabobs grilled, seasoned and drizzled with pomegranate sauce. Served with plain naan bread, rice and hummus.

Beyond Shawarma Platter

Beyond meat crumble seasoned with shawarma spices served on a bed of rice beside a salad of lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles, garlic sauce and tahini

Falafel Platter

Fresh homemade falafel served on a bed of rice beside a salad of lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles, turnips and tahini

Vegan Shawarma Poutine

Beyond Meat Crumble on top of a bed of fries layered with Chao cheeze and brown gravy.

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